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Yasmin's mission is to educate consumers to help them make informed decisions about the myriad mortgage choices available in today's complex and often confusing financial marketplace. To achieve this goal her exclusive focus is on mortgage planning as part of an overall financial plan. 

For the past 5 years, Yasmin has been giving her clients professional advice for their home financing needs. She prides herself in providing a very high level of customer service to all her clients. Whether one is purchasing, looking to renovate a home, transferring a mortgage or refinancing existing mortgage, her role is to find the most suitable mortgage product that is best suited for ones particular circumstance. As a Mortgage Agent at MortgageOne Solutions Ltd, she is able to provide her clients with the most innovative home financing products available in the market place. 

Before moving on to the mortgage industry Yasmin worked at various financial institutions. Her work involved assisting in all types of lending, and managing various savings products like guaranteed investments, mutual funds, RRSP and RIF's.

Yasmin is different from your typical broker as she looks to understand a clients full financial picture, assess their needs and the qualifications for financing. Yasmin feels it is most important to have a full understanding before providing any advice to the client. She believes in giving her clients various options and let them make the final decision.